Walking on the Border

from by Frosty The Showman

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A song about time travel based on a six word story by some guy whose name I forget.


This isn’t where I thought I would be in 11 years,
where the highlight of my life is some pool and a couple beers
Steered clear of drugs, I always studied for fear
That I would find myself residing in a place like here
Takin orders, getting older, my incompetence assumed
Three quarters of a physics degree and a push broom
I was savin and prayin stayin’ north of the border,
But gravity is on this side, the path is much shorter
I know there’s always tomorrow, that I should keep up hope,
But the futures always there, never ever here, nope
Not once was I discovered like good will I hunt
As all the technicians visit and I bear the brunt
Of all the shit that they leave, this ring full of keys,
Saying “Morning Mister Hawking” like a mouthful of bees
Could’ve cured a disease, immense expertise
Now I’m dusting off some helmets, who the fuck invented these?
The’re a tangle of wires, the sautering is shoddily
connecting all these gadgets to a carbon fiber body
Left forgotten in a corner, should I touch this stuff?
Why the hell not, look I’m just tidying up
So I’m mixin up solutions to the proper molarity
It starts heating up, I reverse the polarity,
It’s scarin’ me, the temperature continues to climb. I see

I’m makin billy pilgrim jealous
I’m climbing trellises of relevant events to make a mess of an elegant confluence of space and time
Deliver bass and rhyme
I’m walkin on the border never thought I’d break these lines
Take your time, sit back and brace your mind
And let me take you to the future and retrace, rewind,
Now remind me of a part of the future I haven’t looted
and I’ll do it, visor down and the paradoxes precluded
I’m brewin’ thick elixirs for scientists they eluded
Now I knew it all along although I just traveled through it
Causality screw it
I’ll never regret
Reality needed me to get ahead
Humanity blew it
So I took over and fled
I’m bringin it back from the dead
I’m making the present the future I’m smuggling thoughts in my head
In bed with the minds of the nation while stealing the shit that they said
I plagiarize shit that ain’t written yet those fuckers plagiarized my shit instead
I publish the words that I’ve read
There’s physicists being mislead
I’m meeting myself in the future I’m shaking my hand and I’m asking my name and I’m sure that I’m-


from Hat Trick, released August 20, 2010
Beatbox samples from Felix Zenger




Frosty The Showman San José, Costa Rica

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